Rock Music Featuring:

Dave Carothers: Drums
Peter Conheim: Bass, Vocals
Jim Hrabetin: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Sue White Vocals

Originally assembled by Jim Hrabetin in Spring of 2009 to record a few songs for the Jimmy Silva Tribute, we all had such a swell time that we decided to sort of make it a band that could be an outlet for material that didn't fit into our regular groups. The two songs below on the music player are from those sessions (back when we were Vaccine). The basic trio was comprised of Dave Carothers from the Mutants on drums, Peter Conheim from Negativeland, Wetgate, etc. on bass and vocals and Jim Hrabetin from MX-80/O-Type and also a former Mutant on guitar and vocals. A call from fellow Mutant Sue White looking for an extra band to play a benefit for the Visitation Valley Street Fair launched us into our first public appearance. We figured since Sue was going to be there anyway, we'd see if she'd be interested in joining us for some songs and once again a rollicking good time ensued.

Listen to two The Bisonics recordings of songs by legendary songwriter Jimmy Silva on The Bisonics Music page.
For The Love Of Land, featuring Special guests:
Scott McCaughey: Organ, Bk. Vocals
John Moremen: Acoustic Guitar, Bk. Vocals
Eric Scott: Bk. Vocals
His Was For A Time